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Welcome to POOL360!

POOL360 is designed for the specific use of registered pool professional customers of SCP Distributors LLCSuperior Pool Products LLC, and Horizon Distributors Inc. If you are a current customer, please register to establish your POOL360 account. If you would like to become a customer of SCP Distributors LLCSuperior Pool Products LLC, or Horizon Distributors Inc. please contact your local branch or call 1-888-GRO-POOL (476-7665) for the nearest location. This site combines the best features of our legacy B2B wholesale ecommerce site and our desktop catalog application (Sourcedisk).The site offers real-time integration into our ERP system like our current B2B wholesale site as well as a more graphical and powerful catalog presentation (images, schematics, etc.) like SourceDisk.

Here are some of the key features.

Improved Security

securityThe site allows each customer to take control of how their internal users use the site. The security works as follows. Each person will register for an individual user account using the customer’s account number and a web registration key (an be obtained from your local dealer) and basic billing and shipping address information. The first account registered will be the account administrator. Each account registered thereafter, will be registered with view only access. The account administrator can manage user accounts from the POOL360 application Manage Accounts utility found on the account info tab and elevate the other registered user’s security as needed. The following levels are available for any account.
  1. Account Administrator – user has full access to all account information and can manage other users on the account.
  2. Place Orders – user can place orders on behalf of the account within the customer’s credit limit.
  3. Place Orders with Limit – user can place orders on behalf of the account but the account administrator has placed a limit on the amount any one order can be.
  4. View with Costs – user can view the costs for products but cannot place orders on the customer’s account.
  5. View Only – user can view products and MSRP, but not costs.
  6. InActive – the administrator can mark a user as inactive to disable their account if a user switches rolls or leave their company.

Improved Product Searching

The site is powered by the award winning Exalead enterprise search engine. While we continue to add functionality and further tune the search engine, it offers some significant improvements over the previous search in B2B and SourceDisk.
  1. Search by Manufacturer - This was available in Sourcedisk, but often brought back too much information. In enterprise grade searching, the more information you add to a search query, fewer results should be returned. As an example, searching for Hayward Pump in Sourcedisk would bring back anything that matched on Hayward and anything that matched the word pump. The new site will bring back products that match both Hayward and is a pump, thereby reducing the amount of noise in the results.
  2. Search by Keywords
  3. Search by Product Descriptions
  4. Search and filter by Manufacturer Part #
  5. Filter by Product Department
  6. Filter by Product Lines
  7. Filter by Wholegood vs Parts
  8. Filter by Home Branch Stocking Status
The Search results can be displayed as a list or as a grid allowing flexibility in how the information is viewed. Under the products menu, you will find the options to browse our catalog of products by the Manufacturer or by the Product Category.
branch as well as 10 other branches.
  • Displays availability of product at Central Shipping Locations (CSLs) - Only if it not in home branch as well as 10 other branches.
  • Display Globally within the POOLCORP network - Only if it cannot be located across Central Shipping Locations (CSLs).
  • Display product has accessories - Only if information is provided.
  • If there is a schematic of the parts available, you will be presented with this information along with the ability to order any of the available parts.
  • If available, you will be shown any substitutes or other like products.

Improved Product Ordering & Shiping Options

The product order page now has the ability to do line item notes in addition to notes for the entire order.
  1. Shipping Options can now be set at the product level instead of just at the order level.
  2. In addition, you can now select which branch the product will ship from if the product is not in stock at your home branch. 
  3. If you are doing a customer pickup, you can also select which branch you will pick the product up from.

Improved Account Visibility

A/R information is now available under Account Info if you are logged in as the Account Administrator for your account.

Improved Communications

Now your branch can send announcements of special events, promotions, and other important information through the announcements section.
Also available are:
  1. Open Order
  2. Order History
  3. Invoice History
Current customer, please register here to establish your ePool account. *Account number and *Web registration key is required. Contact your local branch or refer to your latest statement to retrieve your web registration key.
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